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Talent management: the African promise

Track III - Business Development and Opportunities

February 7, 2023   |   10:55 AM - 11:45 AM

Talent management is a key issue for the development of Africa. This includes training, which plays an important role in the continent's development strategy and helps to combat "brain drain." International mobility is also a key factor for companies looking to invest in the continent.


  • Mossadeck Bally

    Président Directeur Général
    Groupe Azalaï

  • Eliane Munkeni Kiekie

    Associée Gérante and Vice-président Nationale
    ACF and Patronat de la RDC

  • Lylian Coelho

    Directrice du Développement de la Chaire
    AgroParisTech Eau pour Tous

  • Laura Mfeckba

    Responsable Mobilité Internationale & RH
    Groupe SETEC

  • Nkechi Nwosu

    Director of Communications
    Friends of Nigeria Europe (FON)