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How are ESG issues taken into account by companies and investors in Africa?

Track III - Business Development and Opportunities

February 7, 2023   |   3:50 PM - 4:40 PM

In Africa, the issues related to environmental, social, and governance sustainability (ESG) are important for companies and investors. What are the particularities, what are the barriers and best practices?


  • Pierre-Samuel Guedj

    Directeur de publication - Président
    Africa Mutandi - Commission RSE et ODD du CIAN

  • Richard Amalvy

    Directeur Général
    Fondation Brazzaville

  • David Chollet


  • Sophie Pierson

    Directrice RSE & Conformité
    Groupe Rubis

  • Samuel Monteiro

    Responsable ESG & Impact Senior
    Investisseurs & Partenaires - I&P

  • Martine Jauroyon

    Directrice Développement Durable, Innovation et Engagement
    Groupe Egis